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Solo Run, Shining Sun

A lazy Sunday is in the books. I took the opportunity to ice my various aching joints, hydrate with lemon water, recover from yesterday’s “long” trail run, and just relax.

But I wasn’t going to let too much time pass by without some QT with my shiny blues. I was looking forward to running with Lucie but she was not interested in joining me. Twice I put the leash on her and twice she stopped dead in her tracks. So off I went on my first solo run in Bend, Oregon.

It’s funny how quickly habits can be formed. Today was my 124th consecutive run – one THIRD of a full year – and of those 124 runs, probably 110 of them were solo. But since my arrival in Bend a week ago, I’ve either had a dog or a friend by my side.

However, it was very nice to focus on myself and not on a four-legged friend. No stop-and-go, sniff this, pee on that, tug the leash interruptions. It was just me. (This is the “bright side” – I really DO LOVE having a dog to run with and I do not mind all of her fun dog qualities).


Since I’ve been back, she has been crying at the door, realizing what she missed out on. Why did I skip that run?! Will she please go back out again? *SIGH*

It is February in Bend, Oregon. I know this because of all the Valentine’s Day ads on TV. I know it’s February because I left Vermont at the end of January and it took me a week to get here, and I’ve been here about a week. But the sun, the temperature, the lack of snow on the trails, the running water in the creeks and rivers all indicate that it is early spring. If this is February in Bend, Oregon, I’ll take it. If I want the snow, it’s just a short drive away.

I ran a hilly 2.25-mile loop up Awbrey to Mt. Washington Drive and back home along the Dechutes River Trail. It was actually nice to be able to focus on myself and not on Lucie. After all, the last two nights were not that great in terms of sleep due to pain caused from a mis-aligned pelvis. I need a chiropractor. Almost ASAP. First, a job.

Did I mention that I ran in shorts & a short-sleeved t-shirt and I was not cold?!

God, I love Bend.

[I caved to the depressed look on Lucie’s face and we went back out for a little jaunt of our own].

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