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The Jean Jogger

After we both did some work at Clay’s office this morning, we decided to take Sunny to the track and enjoy a few laps in the fresh Oregon air. I have been dealing with some back pain the past few weeks, and haven’t been moving around a whole lot, so it felt good to stretch out, get my blood pumping and lubricate my joints. I wanted to run, but I was wearing jeans. Maybe in my past life I would have thought not possible or maybe in my past life I would have not thought twice. I don’t know.

But I am living in a new era. An era that includes Jill and her blog JoggingJeans.com. So I did not just quietly or secretly pretend like I was running to catch a bus. Nope. I ran with purpose. I am officially a Jean Jogger. I am looking forward to running in jorts in the spring, although I did recently learn about the versatility of the denim skirt as exercise apparel and I may have to give that a try. Sunny is not wearing pants at all in this photo (how embarrassing), and she didn’t seem to even notice. She is not as cool as me.

jogging in jeans

Happy Saturday!

8 thoughts on “The Jean Jogger

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE you! This made my day! I officially added you to my sidebar feature, “Bloggers who Jogged in Jeans.” Welcome to the elite club of awesomeness!

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