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I Get By

I’m lacking in the motivation department lately, when normally I am the one who motivates others.

People at work call me healthy and it hits my ears like an insult. I don’t feel healthy.

I have other things on my plate. I am not blaming Christmas or work but simply life. I know I could have been active through the past couple months but I have been dealing with some things that needed my full attention.

There are some doors you just have to go through alone. Perhaps these doors I was meant to walk through.

I’m thinking of doing something crazy. It’s my style.

Unfortunately I am stuck with my Brooks Pure Cadence or Pure Connect or whatever they are. They are extremely lightweight, minimalist running shoes with mesh you can see through and worn out soles with irrigation channels. They are amazing summertime running shoes but boy do they suck this time of year.

It’s not the support I’m concerned about. My feet can handle whatever. Last year I ran barefoot most of the winter (indoor, on a track, but barefoot nonetheless).

I’ve worked through some of my issues – walked through my open doors – and I’m getting closer to the action phase in the model of change.

I am thinking I need to go on a jean jogging streak. I don’t know that I could ride my bike in jeans, and I am frankly a little concerned about actually enjoying my run if I forced myself to do it in jeans every day, but I would like to be able to say that I have run every day for 2 weeks in denim. During the winter, at that!

I wonder what my friend over at Jogging in Jeans would say to that? Photo documentary?

I think I will wait for a reply before I enter the preparation phase.. I really only have one pair of jeans I would run in, and they are holier than thou (as my mom would say; therefore they are my church jeans). I suppose I could make an acception and run in my church clothes?

… I am now entering the “waiting to hear back from Jill” phase. What would the neighbors think?

4 thoughts on “I Get By

    • OK! Well, it’s going to be tough because I will most likely have to run in the dark. What fun will that be? But perhaps I can get started this weekend during the daylight. I am wondering if someone will leave me a pair of running pants on my front step for Christmas… This will be fun! Or it will cause me skin problems but either way, I think I am game!

      …What is wrong with me?!

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