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I am wearing jeans today.

Which is worth writing a blog post about because for the past three weeks I have only been able to wear sweatpants.

(Wearing sweatpants every day might sound cozy to some, but three weeks in sweatpants will make anyone feel lazy).

For the past four days I have enjoyed running with the same enthusiasm a dog exhibits when you reach for the leash.

And so, it seems to me that some day soon I may be able to combine my two milestones and once again run in jeans

Am I really that crazy?

2 thoughts on “Jeans

    • Ever? LOL. I am reminiscing about the 12 days of jean jogging .. that never got lived out (one part Sandy Hook tragedy that distracted me, and one bigger part ‘this is ridiculous’). My first run I couldn’t even wear running tights because the elastic waist was squeezing me. I think I will stick to my yoga pants with the comfy waistline. I am dreaming of the jogging jorts though.. I have never felt so excited about jorts in all my life.

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