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No, Actually, I Don’t.

Comments about running in jeans



There is a reason why I moderate all comments before publishing them.

Jeans do not interfere with my body’s thermoregulation. Nor do they trap moisture. And I have to say that the last time anything chafed was during a marathon when the tag on my running shorts rubbed the same spot on my lower back for 26.2 miles. I am not sure what kind of jeans this guy wears.

For the record, I am not really a jean jogger. I just play on on WordPress.com.

Here’s a concept: 

humor |ˈ(h)yo͞omər|(Brit. humour )


1 the quality of being amusing or comic, esp. as expressed in literature or speech: his tales are full of humor.

• the ability to express humor or make other people laugh: their inimitable brand of humor.

However, there really are real people who run in real jeans. No one ever sticks around long enough to ask about their moisture and chafing problems. Instead we are a “People of Walmart” culture where we just take a photo and submit it to Jill for the rest of the world to see. Jogging in jeans is like the polar plunge. Do it once and you’re in the club for life.

Don’t knock it till you try it.

5 thoughts on “No, Actually, I Don’t.

  1. :)
    What is surprising to me is that the jean-joggers that I have talked to have said that there is no chafing.
    However, even I may agree that there may be better clothing choices for running [gasp]!

    • The only complaint I had about running in jeans was that they were cumbersome. And I felt like a moron because I know better. The day I snowshoe ran in my jeans was obnoxious too because of the snow kick up. That actually made my calves chap. I’m really not looking forward to running in jorts. I don’t even own a pair of jorts! I do like the variety of clothes I have stashed away in my running drawer.. it’s just fun to talk about it!

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