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Life Without Facebook

I just deactivated my Facebook account. It’s not the first time I’ve done it, but it was long overdue. I need a good hiatus from the trap. I seriously miss life before Facebook existed. It’s such an easy trap to fall into, and I wish I could stay gone forever, but so much of life is intertwined with Facebook, it may be tough.

Ironically (or not), the first thing I wanted to do was update my status to say, “I QUIT FACEBOOK!”. This is only part of the problem. The other part is being distracted all the time. Checking my newsfeed, checking notifications, checking again, and then checking again. It’s a problem, and I feel my life being sucked away by it.

Even as I type this, my sidebar is telling me to refresh my connection to Facebook before I publish.

I am not going to use Facebook as a funnel anymore to feed my blogs to my friends. If someone wants to follow my blog, by all means, do so. I do not need Facebook to communicate with friends! Those who want to will stay in touch!

One of my biggest frustrations with Facebook is people. I have access to way more information about people than I ever want. Facebook status updates erase the need to ask how a friend is doing. Then there are the people you feel obligated to be friends with, and even when they annoy you or interpret you incorrectly, you’re stuck in that electronic friendship. 

I don’t want electronic friendships anymore. I need my free time back. I need a chance to think and breathe, and have an opinion without everyone responding to it, good or bad. I need to not need the validation of a like. I also do not need to share my workouts on a daily basis. In fact, I think that has hurt my workouts the most. I miss the organic lifestyle that I used to live, the one that existed prior to 2006, prior to my debut on Facebook.

So tonight, here I sit. Literally sitting on the floor typing this blog, wiping the slate clean. Preparing for life without Facebook.

Are there any readers out there who have a similar relationship/experience with Facebook?

6 thoughts on “Life Without Facebook

  1. I find that Facebook sucks more time than I would like, but I still see value in it for me. For the reasons listed above, I am not adding it to my phone. I want Facebook to be a page I visit versus having constant updates or the need to check it when I’m away from the computer.

  2. I should quit as I, too, waste too much time there. But it does make it incredibly easy to stay in touch with friends that I wouldn’t have if I quit. I was playing Candy Crush (a FB-based game) that I could feel stealing my entire life and I quit that cold turkey. That felt good, but it also didn’t have the redeeming qualities (however few) of FB.

    Good for you! I’m sure it wasn’t easy. FB has insinuated itself into all our lives and then taken over.

    • I got addicted to FarmVille back in the day. I was recovering from a break up and I used it as a way to stop the negative thoughts from flowing. It worked until I realized how addicted I had become. Then years later I got sucked into CookHero and thankfully finished every level.. My block list included over 45 addicting games. Glad it’s over. Godspeed to you.. Do what is right for you!

  3. I have been on the fence the last few months. I cannot stand the drama. I love certain aspects of it but I find that phone calls and even emails are better with communicating wtih friends as opposed to liking a comment and a quick hello on a comment which seems to be adequate to many. Since social media has blossomed, just about everyone I know owns an iphone. But nobodys calls anyone…..It’s sad.

    • I agree. Glad you commented here because there are some people I will want to stay in touch with. I was so tired of posts and pretentious behavior that attempts to make somebody look better than they actually are.. Sensitive people getting offended by me. Getting attacked for sharing an opinion. I’m craving in-person friendships and connections. I just couldn’t take it anymore! I don’t even miss it.

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