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Juice Fast

My body has been asking me for a juice fast for quite some time now. A few weeks ago, I purchased a Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Express through a great deal offered on Groupon. I have impatiently waited for it to arrive, and it is scheduled to be in my hands on Monday!!! 

Meanwhile, I started using Herbalife once or twice a day, but in the back of my mind I kept going back to the idea that I was putting multivitamins and good proteins into my body which is full of toxins. I wanted to cleanse before I started building anew. It’s just the way my mind works. 

Ironically tonight in Church the Pastor spoke to the congregation about fasting for spiritual reasons, and he invited us to participate in a weeklong fast starting on Thursday. I don’t want to get into too much detail about the fast from a spiritual perspective, because that is personal to me and I want to keep that part of my experience personal. 

But this blog is about health, and I do believe juice fasting is one of the healthier things you can do for yourself. 

I got home and immediately found the documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead on Netflix. I have watched this more than once before, and it is extremely eye-opening, inspiring, and informative. 

If you are at all interested in juice fasting for your health or for whatever reason, I recommend you watch this film. It is so incredibly good. 

Everyone seems to have their own favorite juice recipes. I try to stick to juicing vegetables that I would not normally eat raw. I will add some fruits for flavor or sweetener, but I want the nutrients found in raw vegetables. 

Here is a list of my favorite vegetables for juicing (these are not juice recipes). 



Swiss Chard

Red Cabbage (so yum)




I haven’t juiced in a while, and I plan to experiment and explore. I’m looking for healthy juice recipes to optimize my experience, to satisfy my body’s needs and to feel nourished and healthy. I’ll share some of my recipes with you along the way. 

Westside Church invited people to fast for only a week. In Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, Joe juiced for 30 days and Phil juiced for 60, but both of them had over 100 pounds to lose each (Phil actually lost 202 pounds). I am thinking I will commit to 14 days on a juice fast. It will take planning and determination at work because I know people will ask me about it, but I think I will plan to walk on my lunch break and drink the juice I had packed while I am walking. 

I am so excited to be getting a juicer on Monday! A Jack Lalanne juicer! I am beyond excited to start this journey.. 

When the fast is over, I will again resume Herbalife 2 meals a day until I have reached my goal weight, and then I will continue to meal fast with juices and Herbalife shakes, while eating an overall healthier diet. 

What is my goal weight? 

This is a whole other story.. how do you choose your goal weight? I have struggled to see myself below 140 in the past several years. Right now I am at 159, and sometime this past year I reached an all-time high of 169. I do know that when I was 140 I felt like I could lose weight, and in college I was about 128 during cross country seasons. I would like to see my body back down between 130-135, but who is to say 120-125 wouldn’t be healthy on my 5’4″ frame? Just because I’ve never gotten there doesn’t mean it isn’t healthy.. 

The one thing that bothers me most about people trying (and subsequently failing) at their weight loss goals is other people’s good intentions of saying, “you look great to me.” 

1. It’s not about what I look like (although looking better is a healthy side effect of weight loss). 

2. America has a serious weight problem. That is the ONLY reason I look OK in the condition I am in right now. 

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