No, Actually, I Don’t.

Comments about running in jeans



There is a reason why I moderate all comments before publishing them.

Jeans do not interfere with my body’s thermoregulation. Nor do they trap moisture. And I have to say that the last time anything chafed was during a marathon when the tag on my running shorts rubbed the same spot on my lower back for 26.2 miles. I am not sure what kind of jeans this guy wears.

For the record, I am not really a jean jogger. I just play on on

Here’s a concept: 

humor |ˈ(h)yo͞omər|(Brit. humour )


1 the quality of being amusing or comic, esp. as expressed in literature or speech: his tales are full of humor.

• the ability to express humor or make other people laugh: their inimitable brand of humor.

However, there really are real people who run in real jeans. No one ever sticks around long enough to ask about their moisture and chafing problems. Instead we are a “People of Walmart” culture where we just take a photo and submit it to Jill for the rest of the world to see. Jogging in jeans is like the polar plunge. Do it once and you’re in the club for life.

Don’t knock it till you try it.


I am wearing jeans today.

Which is worth writing a blog post about because for the past three weeks I have only been able to wear sweatpants.

(Wearing sweatpants every day might sound cozy to some, but three weeks in sweatpants will make anyone feel lazy).

For the past four days I have enjoyed running with the same enthusiasm a dog exhibits when you reach for the leash.

And so, it seems to me that some day soon I may be able to combine my two milestones and once again run in jeans

Am I really that crazy?

On the Fifth Day of Christmas, My Denim Ran with Me!

On the fifth day of Christmas, my denim ran with me


four times as hard

three fresh inches

too sad to run

by the light of a Christmas tree.


A) denim was not intended for running. B) I wore fleece pants to work today and found myself struggling with the idea that I would have to go home, put on a perfectly clean and dry pair of jeans and run in them.

And all I could think was whose effing idea was this, anyway?

That’s when I realized this running streak was MY idea. And I have decided to end it.

I own three pairs of jeans. Yes, you read that correctly. One pair are my absolute favorites. Unfortunately they have had holes in the crotch since the beginning of time. That’s what happens when you buy “distressed” jeans. They are thin in some areas and don’t last as long. My second favorite pair are the same jeans, one size smaller, but without any holes. I love them and reserve them as my good jeans, my comfy jeans, my going out jeans, my church jeans. Definitely not my running jeans. My last pair of jeans I absolutely loathe. They cut into my sides and make me feel fat, even at my lightest weight. They are ‘ankle’ length and seem to take that designation to heart. I wore them snowshoe running yesterday because I knew I would hate them no matter what I was doing with them so I may as well take misery to a whole new level.

Truth is, I am kind of a fitness clothing junkie. I am a believer in the moisture management, lightweight fabrics, breathability, and I even buy into the fabrics that turn your sweat into heat to keep you warm on days like today: blizzards. I love Mizuno running clothes as well as Brooks and Nike. I love having reflector strips on my calves and little teeny pockets for my key and zippers on my ankles.

I think it was ingenious to design running tights not only because runners have stellar legs but because there is no baggy crap getting in the way each step you take! Who wants to be arguing with their clothing during a 15-mile run in the winter?! NOT THIS GIRL!

This was an interesting experiment, to say the least. And I am cutting it short by a full week. And that’s that.

If you are one of the weirdos out there who run in jeans or who go to the gym in jeans:

Well, I’ve got nothing to say to you.

You are seriously missing out. The freedom of stretchy, free-flowing, lightweight, soft, and comfortable exercise clothing awaits you.

I’m sorry that I won’t be finishing the project, but I may go ahead and finish the song, or change it, or something.. because I’m kind of into it.

Also, Christmas is very important to me and approaching rather quickly. While my body continues to fight with me, I am enjoying the downtime being creative and thoughtful with my gifts.

My surgery is scheduled for Jan 23rd. It’s an outpatient surgery and I will be completely out during the procedure and under the care of my male nurse for the following evening. I won’t be able to do any strenuous exercise for about 2 weeks post-op. It’s challenging for me to get into a groove knowing that it will soon be broken! But, nonetheless, I do look forward to getting back on the bike and into a regular routine (that does not involve running in jeans) shortly after the rush of Christmas passes.

Remember to love yourself and your neighbors. Imagine how different this world would be if the three words I love you weren’t so taboo.

On the Fourth Day of Christmas, my Denim Ran with Me

On the fourth day of Christmas, my denim ran with me

Four times as hard,

Three fresh inches (powder),

Too sad to run,

By the light of a Christmas tree.


Central Oregon is under winter storm warning – blizzard!! so I decided to take advantage of the snow and run w/my Tubbs running snowshoes. It was literally four times as hard as a regular run and the entire run I was trying to decide if I should multiply the distance by four or cut my time by 1/4 to get an accurate read of how far I went.

Kidding. I only ‘ran’ a mile in about 15:30.

All I have to say is that denim was not meant for snowshoe running.

I switched jeans this time because my other pair has that obnoxious hole in the crotch. It normally does not bother me all that much but then again I don’t normally run in them. The jeans I wore to run in today were much more comfortable for running. Oddly I hate wearing them in real life.

(Katy, is running not considered real life?).


My jeans were soaked up past the backs of my knees and my calves got a nice ice treatment. Needless to day, I’m glad I’m back inside where it’s warm and where Santa is breathing down my neck to get all these gifts done!

You know, I would not have run today if it wasn’t for you. If it wasn’t for this silly blog and the comments and the ‘likes’ and the accountability, I would have stayed inside to continue cutting, pasting, taping, sewing, trimming, dreaming, creating. But it literally took a half hour out of my day to get dressed and get it done. One mile isn’t much but like I said it was four times as hard in snowshoes and denim, and it was 100% better than the workout a pair of scissors gives me.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday and you have taken some time to love on and appreciate the people in your life.

On the First Day of Christmas, My Denim Ran with Me

On the first day of Christmas, my denim ran with me

by the lights on a Christmas tree. 



It’s official. 

I have begun the 12 days of Christmas – a denim running streak. You read that correctly. I have committed myself, with you as my witness, and Jill as my guide, to a 12-day running streak in JEANS. 

Why the madness? 

Why ask why? 

When I got home from work I was ready to get busy crafting. But I remembered I had to do this, and I didn’t want to miss the first day. So I changed into my favorite jeans which have a gigantic hole in the crotch, and headed out the door. 

Oh, but mind you. It was after 6 PM and it was darker than dark outside. My headlamp is missing batteries. I could have run in the dark but I didn’t feel like getting lost or injured, and I knew my attention span would shorten with fear on the horizon. 

So I grabbed my lantern and took off. 

Yes, my lantern. 


If you happened to come across a crazy person running down your street wearing jeans and carrying a battery-operated Coleman lantern, don’t worry. It was just me. 

It was so beautiful outside. I had forgotten what it felt like to run. I had forgotten what the cold air felt like on my face. I had forgotten what the dark sky with bright shining stars looked like. I had forgotten what it felt like to run in jeans. I never knew what it felt like to run almost 2 miles in jeans. 

My Nike running app even missed me, and Sonja Richards-Ross chimed in to tell me how cool I was. Little did she know what I was wearing for running attire. Holy Moses would she have been excited. 

This was the first of twelve consecutive days of running in jeans, for your reading pleasure. 

Stay tuned. It’s only going to get better from here. 


I Get By

I’m lacking in the motivation department lately, when normally I am the one who motivates others.

People at work call me healthy and it hits my ears like an insult. I don’t feel healthy.

I have other things on my plate. I am not blaming Christmas or work but simply life. I know I could have been active through the past couple months but I have been dealing with some things that needed my full attention.

There are some doors you just have to go through alone. Perhaps these doors I was meant to walk through.

I’m thinking of doing something crazy. It’s my style.

Unfortunately I am stuck with my Brooks Pure Cadence or Pure Connect or whatever they are. They are extremely lightweight, minimalist running shoes with mesh you can see through and worn out soles with irrigation channels. They are amazing summertime running shoes but boy do they suck this time of year.

It’s not the support I’m concerned about. My feet can handle whatever. Last year I ran barefoot most of the winter (indoor, on a track, but barefoot nonetheless).

I’ve worked through some of my issues – walked through my open doors – and I’m getting closer to the action phase in the model of change.

I am thinking I need to go on a jean jogging streak. I don’t know that I could ride my bike in jeans, and I am frankly a little concerned about actually enjoying my run if I forced myself to do it in jeans every day, but I would like to be able to say that I have run every day for 2 weeks in denim. During the winter, at that!

I wonder what my friend over at Jogging in Jeans would say to that? Photo documentary?

I think I will wait for a reply before I enter the preparation phase.. I really only have one pair of jeans I would run in, and they are holier than thou (as my mom would say; therefore they are my church jeans). I suppose I could make an acception and run in my church clothes?

… I am now entering the “waiting to hear back from Jill” phase. What would the neighbors think?